Mittwoch, 14. März 2012



This will probably be the last post in this blog for now because my year in Mexico is over since last July... =(
However, I still miss everything and everyone more than you can imagine... and that I mostly admit, even to myself...
That's why, I compiled a list of things that I miss about Mexico:

    • My friends!!! (Honestly, you guys were and are the best!!! I love you! )
    • Sun... seriously, it's way to cold in the Netherlands!

    • Food! Having spicy food 3 times a day... and the nachos... and OXXO! =D
    • Palmtrees... and the nature in general, even the cactus!!! 
    • Cancun... if I ever have the chance to go back, I will certainly go there again!
    • Time... there's a saying: Europeans have the clocks, but Mexicans have the time... true story
    • Running around in flip-flops all day... (Yeah, I used to do that, even though I wasn't supposed to teach in such shoes... oops!) Teodora, if you read this, I'm sorry, but I'm sure whenever it happened, my students never looked at my feet...=)
    • Our appartement... and especially our social Computer-time in the evenings... or movie-nights... or nacho-nights... or waking everyone up at 5 am for the Serenata's!!! =) (Tatiana... you "witch-woman"=D)
    • Teaching... being a teacher was a lot of fun, especially my little, cute children... =)
    • The cars! It's strange but I do miss the big pick-up trucks... and the beetles ;) And the bread-truck every morning, which was annoying at the time... "El panadero con el pan... el panadero con el pan..." (And yes, the voice in my head is singing it like this mexican guy... you know what I mean, Lena!)
    • Okay, this may sound weird but I miss the guys... it was nice to get sweet compliments every day.. =) 
    I could go on and on and on... but while writing this down, I realized, I can't even closely summarize all the things that I miss... and even if I could, nobody else would understand it. All these memories are so personal and it's not only about these things... it's about the way they made me feel. This is something, no one else can comprehend...
    I'm keeping myself together now, not to cry... that it's over and that this time will never come back... and that even if I would go back, nothing could ever be the same... but I am incredibly happy that even though everything else has changed, I have one thing that can never be taken away... those memories!

    And friends!!! I miss you... but we know, it's only a tiny drop in the big ocean of time that lies ahead of us... and that we will spend together! =)


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